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Your Source for Modern Marketing Talent

The transformation of Marketing is well underway. Chief Marketing Officers and Executives have never before faced so many challenges as they become more accountable to deliver results. Today, CMO’s have a revenue target not a marketing budget and must be proficient at building Demand Generation Funnels, Buyer Personas and Journeys, multi-channel lead sourcing portals to drive pipeline, revenue growth and new market penetration, as well as social media interaction, marketing automation and analytics and so much more.

As a CMO or Marketing Executive, your success depends on having the right organizational structure with the right marketers in the right roles with the right skills to create and execute marketing programs that deliver impactful results.


Do you have the Modern Marketing talent in place to be successful?

It is becoming more challenging than ever to build and manage today’s complex modern marketing organization. As the marketing landscape continues to evolve many CMO’s realize how much the job is changing and they will not be successful with a team of just seasoned generalist, who may not have the technical skills or desire to adopt new methodologies and techniques. Many CMO’s and marketing executives will typically start by restructuring their organization, assigning new roles and responsibilities to existing staff hoping to achieve better results. However, often coming to the conclusion there is still major gaps in skills they need to address and have hired DANIKSA to help fill their most critical positions.

As one of the software industry’s most trusted executive search firms, we are focused on recruiting highly sought after next generation, modern marketers, who push the limits of marketing utilizing advanced models, frameworks and techniques. They quantify and justify with advanced analytics and attribution to deliver measureable results. Market leading company’s are going to great lengths to retain these “game changers” and need help acquiring more of them.

Working with DANIKSA, you benefit from our highly specialized modern marketing expertise acquired from years of success working with SiriusDecisions, where we placed many of the “Thought Leaders” advising today’s most forward thinking and advanced marketing executives in the world. DANIKSA will connect you with highly accomplished professionals that excel at building and managing top performing modern marketing organizations. Why hire a generalist, when a modern marketing executive recruitment specialist can get you to the right talent faster?

Every day a key marketing position is not filled is an opportunity lost. Contact DANIKSA today so you can advance confidently with the right modern marketing talent needed to drive rapid growth and obtain or maintain a leadership position in your market.