Recruitment Specialist:
Software Sales and Modern Marketing Talent

You have customers to engage, competition to battle, new accounts to win and quotas to meet. Your success depends upon having dynamic, self-motivated people in key positions. You need high-impact performers who can articulate your vision, create demand, and convince prospects to buy now.

Where do you find top sales and modern marketing talent?

It isn’t easy. These unique individuals represent 20 percent or less of the workforce and are considered “game changers.” They are highly-valued, well-compensated, and extremely challenging to recruit. Unless … of course you work with software sales and marketing recruitment specialist, DANIKSA. As one of the software industry’s most trusted executive search firms, we are focused on recruiting highly sought after sales and marketing “game changers”. Software companies across the nation count on DANIKSA to recruit sales and modern marketing talent – from executives to individual contributors. We connect you with highly accomplished professionals who have excelled at building and managing top performing sales and marketing organizations, in demand creation, lead generation, opening new markets, securing company making deals, increasing market share and taking companies public.

Working with DANIKSA, you benefit from our highly specialized software industry expertise. Why hire a generalist, when a software sales and marketing recruitment specialist can get you to the endgame faster?

Every day a key position is not filled is an opportunity lost. Contact DANIKSA today so you can advance confidently with the right sales and marketing talent needed to drive rapid growth and obtain or maintain leadership position in your market.